Tips for cooking


You know all these tips for the kitchen, which older people are so eager to share with the younger generation. These little tips and tricks in our time could be called "kitchen hacks", but it's still good old nuggets of wisdom. As with any old wives' tales, secrets and tips, and your experience may differ. Some of these pearls have gone through several generations - and, judging by the reviews of grandmothers, they really work.

Useful advices:

• If you oversalting a soup, put peeled potatoes it in. It will absorb the excess salt.

• When cooking eggs drop into the water a pinch of salt, so they are not cracked.

• Curdle milk whether if it boil? It turns out that after all this is not so. Boiled milk is perfectly safe for consumption.

• If your sauce accidentally burnt, pour it into a clean saucepan and cook on. Add a bit sugar, it will remove the smell of burning.

• Burnt rice? Put on top of the rice piece of white bread for 5-10 minutes to remove the burnt taste. When you serve rice, not scraped off burnt rice from the bottom of the pan.

• If you are going to cook popcorn, soak the beans in water for 10 minutes. Drain beans and cook popcorn as usual. So popcorn is cooked faster, be more fluffy and it will be less unopened grains.

• Of the wine can be frozen in the mold for the ice, and then add to soups and sauces.

• Defrosting meat, pour it a little vinegar. It will not only make the meat more tender, but also help to unfreeze it faster.

• If the soup, sauce or roast is too fat, toss in the pan ice cube. The ice will attract the fat, and you can assemble it.

• To re-use oil and not feel a taste of what it was prepared earlier, warm piece of ginger in oil thickness of 0.5 cm. It removes foreign tastes and odors.

• Cooled boiled water will freeze quicker. This is useful if you need an ice immediately.