For the implementation of manufacturing processes snacks "Pіknіk menu" requires non-standard equipment. It was designed by the company's employees «Taifun-2000» together with leading experts of Ukraine in the field of engineering.

The technological process

The first stage of the production process - defining requirements for raw materials, where "natural" is the main criterion, conditions of production, suppliers.

Should be stressed that in the production process does not use genetically modified ingredients, which invariably defined by company policy in the field of quality and safety. Raw materials are subjected to multi-level control.

Preparation of water

Special pride - a comprehensive water preparation system, which consists of a serial mechanical water purification, ozonation, softening and removing chlorine.

As a result of such preparation the water in its physico-chemical, toxicological and bacteriological parameters comply with the European standards, and to taste characteristics close to the spring water.

Multilevel control

Gentle processing conditions of raw materials guaranteeing safety, allow to save the greatest possible nutritional and biological value of finished products.

Identification of critical control points of the production process, the computerization of the control system of process parameters allows with maximum efficiency to carry out multi-level control and eliminate the issue of non-conforming products.

A big step at the present stage of development is the retooling manufacture, which ensures constantly growing production output, and this includes not only the availability of appropriate technology cycles, but also streamlining the entire organizational and technological structure and management processes, optimization of technological processes.