History of the best offer for sandwich in the Ukrainian market has lasted for 20 years. During all this time the products of TM "Picnic Menu" have not seen any strong and confident competitor. The most important brand difference is the presence of natural ingredients in the composition, i.e., snacks are not just "with taste ...", which means plenty of presence the flavors in the composition, and with the presence of high-grade products, carefully processed by our experts.

Specialists of "Taifun-2000" are professionals in the food industry, engaged in scientific activity.

The idea of product creation

Initially, the snacks were a scientific experiment of the staff our company. It was interesting in the process of product creation that has no analogues in the market. And since at the time the Company was engaged in the retail sale of pancakes with various fillings, the idea arose to develop a snacks that is easy to smear on pancakes, have a rich taste and have sufficient satiety. The result was a wonderful product that can smear not only pancakes, but also for bread, as well as used in the preparation of other dishes.

This is how appeared  snacks ТМ «Picnic Menu», which still have not lost their relevance, are in great demand among consumers.